Quality Without Compromise

Laboratory and Research Facilities

We pride ourselves to strongly believe in the principle of “Quality Without Compromise”. Our World class laboratory and research facilities are stringently operated within the best manufacturing practices to ensure that quality of product manufactured surpass international specifications and standards.

Quality Without Compromise

Our Policy describes the principles governing on how we conduct our operations and how our team conduct them in support of our safety, Health and Environmental policy. These global guiding principles are meant not only to benefit ourselves but hence our customers, contractors and the community where we operate in.

Awarded Status

We believe, our vision in employing world standards of manufacturing practices will only achieve its maximum effectiveness and benefits if all our team members maintain a consistent and positive attitude towards a shared goal. Thus, we are proud to receive various critical standards and quality awards for manufacturing quality products.

Ready to Serve You

Operational Capacity

Lubetech takes pride for being reputed as a reliable service provider of world class lubricants. This has been successfully achieved through seamless integration of the right communication and technical advice thus facilitating right decisions and correct solutions. Thus, we are in constant effort to better our commitment to high quality-oriented services in respond to the faster changes of market requirements.

Lubricant Blending Facility

Our lubricant blending facilities uses state of the art equipment and implements world-class operational procedures for quality blending and testing. It was designed with the latest international technology to maximize blending flexibility in respect of product volumes and types.

It has an automatic blending control system that facilitates the whole blending process whilst on-site laboratory continuously monitors product integrity, ensuring you the highest quality products, capable to meeting your every unique requirement.

National and International Distribution Network

With constant 24/7 move making deliveries throughout the nation, our highly reliable logistic partners are at your service meeting your every demand.

To assure efficient and speedy delivery, all of our warehouses are conveniently located near the nation’s main highway, rail links, seaports and air terminals, we assures the most competitive and consistent supplies available.