End-To-End Total Business Solutions

Contract Manufacturing

We focus on hassle-free full chain lubrication contract manufacturing services. We offer a full range of laboratory, research and development, blending, storage and warehousing, and distribution services for our clients.

Full Technical Support

On our Technical Service Management (TSM) offer professional assistance such as product knowledge training, lube clinic for specialties product Grease, Coolant. Whether you operate single outlet or a wide network dealership operation, we will give you the same full attention to all your needs.

Laboratory Services

A full-fledge QA/QC laboratory lubricants, equipped with modern technology equipment and testing device to cater R&D requirements.  Through extensive Research & Development programs, coupled with our expertise in lubricant manufacturing technology, our focus is to develop innovative products to suit all requirements and specifications. Our laboratory had received accreditation award by Standards Malaysia as an independent testing laboratory that will enable us to become a service provider, not only for our benefit but even for the benefit of our competitors.

Research and Development Services

By repeatedly setting new standards, our team of R&D specialists are intensively developing new breakthrough lubricants and additives in meeting the ever changing requirements in both the automotive and industrial sector.


Blending Services

We operate three separate blending facilities for petroleum-based lubricants. Our team of experienced master blenders oversees this process from beginning to end.

Branding and Packing Services

We currently operate multiple packaging lines with capacities from ounces to railcars. This full package of branding and packaging services eliminates the concept to production headaches of our clients.


Storage and Warehousing Services

Our indoor and outdoor fluid storage and warehouse space shall ensure that we always have your lubricants in stock. Our services included storage arrangement, racking management, stuffing activities together with handling, sorting and kitting exercises.


Distribution Services

Our 24-hour widespread network of distribution facilities offers a regimentally on time delivery services for your business convenience. We look into your transport total planning requirements which include truck scheduling, delivery lead time monitoring, and liaison with the authorities and suppliers. In addition, our freight partners extend our reach nationally and internationally.